Formed at the tail end of the Holocene epoch, Bark Prelude is the love child of songwriter and benevolent band dictator Philip Lewis-Jones whom, astonishingly, is Welsh…. although he rarely talks about it or indeed in it. Along with part-time friend and Brighton dandy Slim Tim Bick, the band started life as a studio project. Drummer Eric Childs, an enigma wrapped in a duvet, was recruited and songstress Ruth Murray was bribed to supply her velvet backing voxes with an option on flighty flute. The result was debut album “Start of Something Minor” which was completed and released in 2012.

Primarily recorded in the foothills of Rockland St. Mary, east of Norwich it featured twelve songs and has since been described by some local farmers as a work of confident sensitivity which increased milk yields in pigs, whilst others said it was instrumental in causing crops to fail.

Bark Prelude garnered praise and national airplay from the likes of Tom Robinson (6Music) and former Cocteau Twin Simon Raymonde (Amazing Radio), whilst other critics cited a quintessential Englishness to their songs with subjects as diverse as Darwinism to Paul Gascoigne’s surprise appearance at the Raoul Moat siege

With endorsements still ringing in their impressionable ears, Bark Prelude swung back into summer action in July 2013 with the release of their Festival EP. The lead track “Festival” was remixed from “Start of Something Minor”, and shamelessly designed to wring some radio play out of their experiences in the trenches of Britain’s sodden fields and sweaty tents. The track was promoted by a series of Bark Prelude festival appearances where, in “guerilla gig” style, the band performed unannounced at various festivals in unlikely spots: a food stall, a car park, and slap bang in front of a row of portaloos…

Like a toilet roll flung from the terraces of 1970’s football stadia, Bark Prelude’s new album “Flatter To Deceive” takes flight with its official release on 20th July 2015 both as a Digital Download and CD.

The album sees a departure from the grandiose layered pop of “Start of Something Minor”, instead we have a collection of piano based songs with low key arrangements. Literally.

“The album’s direction was unwittingly shaped by a series of bizarre and unforeseen events”, explained Philip Lewis-Jones. “We started recording demos 20 months ago but then drummer Eric Childs announced he was flying to New Zealand for a six week cycling holiday on the South Island. 18 months later, he’s still there”. “Meanwhile guitarist Slim Tim Bick infected his middle finger on his left hand whilst retrieving a plectrum from the f-hole in his semi-acoustic. The digit ballooned to twice its normal size thus making playing painfully impossible. There was even talk of partial amputation. At which point everything stalled and many of the songs earmarked for the album were put on hold. After a few months of inactivity, violinist Fran Broady was drafted in and work started on new material. A different path soon emerged, so we packed our rucksacks and followed it. Recording recommenced with Fran, Bark Prelude stalwart Ruth Murray and a core of additional musicians – Gary Cole-Wilkin, Andy Butler (bass) and Pete Warner (drums). Other specialist contributors were press ganged and the album was completed without further incident or casualties.”

“Flatter To Deceive” is being promoted by a select number of appearances this summer and will feature Philip Lewis-Jones (vocals/piano), Fran Broady (violin) and Gary Cole-Wilkin (bass/backing vocals).